Plant Medicine Retreats

The revolutionary Finally Detached plant medicine retreats and ceremonies offer an unparalleled journey to personal transformation. With the divine guidance of local shamans, these immersive experiences invite all participants to connect deeply with the power of nature, healing trauma, and discovering a newfound sense of balance in life. During this journey, you will gain invaluable insight into the ancient wisdom of medicinal plants, and explore profound teachings on energy work and spiritual awakening, while deepening your connection with yourself and the world around you. Transformative healing awaits – embark on your own life-changing experience with Finally Detached today!

About Finally Detached

If you’re looking for inspiring and meaningful transformational experiences, Finally Detached provides plant medicine retreats and mindfulness journeys with plant medicines such as magic mushrooms and psilocybin. Through plant medicine initiation rituals, you can gain deeper insights into yourself and your life. Our experienced team is dedicated to creating a supportive and safe environment for each participant to navigate through their journey of self-exploration with plant medicines providing an accessible experience compared to traditional therapies. Join us on the powerful catalyst of these plant medicines and make a start on a transformative journey toward self-realization!

Plant Medicine Ceremonies & Psychedelic Therapy

Finally Detached provides a professional platform to discuss “Psychedelic Therapy” as an expansive, yet separate, the field of practice from psychotherapy. Professional identification and implementation of plant medicine usage do not rely simply on clinical or medical models of treatment – psychedelics are also deeply linked with spiritual tradition for hundreds of years. This fact emphasizes the multidimensional experience Psychedelic Therapy provides, ultimately leaving its users with greatly improved mental and emotional well-being. As a result, plant medicine retreats using plant medicines such as magic mushrooms, ayahuasca, and psilocybin-containing mushrooms have grown in popularity; each plant providing unique perspectives beyond those currently revealed within psychology and neurology. All in all, Psychedelic Therapy represents an alternative holistic practice allowing practitioners from different professions to come together to provide comprehensive treatment and care.


At Finally Detached, they offer an array of modalities designed to help find balance and harmony within the trinity of body, mind, and spirit. With this innovative approach, individuals can detach from their current state, increase their level of awareness, and uncover a whole new world of possibility. From plant medicine experiences at the plant medicine retreat such as RAPÉ ceremonies to holistic healing for the pets in our lives, with options that range from yoga therapy to sound energy healing and tarot readings on top of it all – Finally Detached offers unparalleled services with competently derived plant-medicines like magic mushrooms and psilocybin that embrace one’s journey toward healing and joyousness.

Shamanic Sound Healing

Shamanic Sound Healing is an ancient practice that harnesses the power of plant medicine and sacred sounds to bring balance and unblock one’s energetic chakras. Combining plant medicine, such as magic mushrooms and psilocybin, with crystal quartz bowls, ohm tuning forks, bells, drums, and shakers creates a frequency that relaxes and offers to heal. Participating in plant medicine retreats featuring this powerful practice provides an experience unlike any other. This combination provides an exceptional opportunity for receptivity while supporting deep transformation.

Finally Detached Main Goal:

The main goal of Finally Detached is to provide individuals with healing and transformational experiences that promote personal growth and well-being. Through our plant medicine retreats, we hope to guide each participant on a journey of self-exploration and expansion – offering an opportunity for a deeper connection with Self, Nature, Spirituality, and Community. With the support of the experienced team, each individual is invited to open up and explore realms beyond every day – creating a safe space for profound connection and healing. We hope that you join us in this powerful journey toward self-realization!

​How can they help people?

Finally Detached provides a comprehensive range of compassionate, personalized services that enhance mental and emotional well-being. From plant medicine retreats to shamanic sound healing, tarot readings, yoga therapy, and more – they strive to provide each individual with the support they need to explore their path of transformation. By promoting self-exploration through plant medicine, sound healing, and holistic practices, Finally Detached offers a unique opportunity for profound connection and personal growth. Moreover, their services aim to provide equilibrium and harmony within body, mind, and spirit – aiding individuals in achieving balance while providing safe access to higher states of consciousness. Ultimately, they hope to help people find true freedom from suffering and discover their true potential.

What’s the best about Finally Detached?

Finally Detached offers a holistic approach to personal healing and growth. Experienced practitioners, provide an inclusive atmosphere that embraces each individual’s unique journey – taking into consideration their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. From plant medicine retreats designed to open up awareness while restoring equilibrium between body, mind, and spirit with magical experiences such as RAPÉ ceremonies to shamanic sound healing and yoga therapy – they strive to offer an array of services that get to the root cause of any suffering. Furthermore, their compassionate team and personalized approach ensure an experience filled with guidance, acceptance, and understanding. Finally Detached’s goal is to provide a safe space for each individual to explore deeper realms beyond the everyday while creating a lasting impact on their lives.

Is Finally Detached trusted?

Yes, Finally Detached is a trusted source for plant medicine and holistic healing practices. They have been providing personalized services to individuals all over the world since 2019. With experienced practitioners and top-notch customer service, they are committed to offering an immersive experience that helps participants explore their true potential while creating lasting transformations in their lives. Each individual is thoughtfully guided on their journey while being supported by experienced practitioners and a compassionate team. Finally Detached’s services are designed to provide balance, awareness, and harmony – creating a safe space for profound connection and healing.

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Finally Detached is an experiential platform that harnesses the power of plant medicine and shamanic sound healing for personal transformation. Through their unique approach to holistic well-being, they offer each individual a customized experience filled with compassion and understanding – aiding them in achieving balance and harmony within body, mind, and spirit. Ultimately, Finally Detached’s goal is to help people find true freedom from suffering and discover their true potential. Join us in this powerful journey of self-exploration and expansion – unlock the possibilities within you!