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Those cheap flights have been incredibly tempting right now. But travel restrictions have been harsh for the adventurers out there. Countries are closing their borders to tourists so they can better manage their COVID-19 cases. A lot of people have been itching to fly to their top vacation destinations for almost a year now. 

But a common question about traveling that always arises is:

“Is it safe to travel to?”

The answer is yes! We’ve jotted down the best places to travel to during COVID-19! These are the countries that have been labeled as Level 1: COVID-19 Low by the USA Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as of October 2021. 

Most of these countries require a negative test result for COVID-19 at least three days prior to arrival. It’s recommended to have a PCR test, antigen test, or a Covid Rapid test before leaving. 

“But I don’t know where to get tested! Where do I go to find an antigen test or a PCR test near me?”

We recommend using Google’s powerful local search tool to help you or you can contact your local health authorities to find more information on COVID-19 testing locations near you. 

Here is an alphabetical list of countries and territories where it’s safe for a vacation destination. See the links attached to each destination for more important information on each country’s specifications. 

These are the 6 best places to travel during COVID-19:

Cayman Islands

cayman island

The Cayman Islands are found in the most carefree corner of the Caribbean. All three of the islands have their own personality. The barefoot elegance of Grand Cayman, the adventurous spirit of Cayman Brac, and the tranquility of Little Cayman. The Cayman Islands are one of the best places to travel to during this pandemic.

Northern Mariana Islands

The Northern Mariana Islands, more simply known as The Marianas, are an easy warm-weather escape in the western Pacific Ocean. The CDC has issued a Level 1 Travel Health Notice for the Northern Mariana Islands, indicating a low level of COVID-19 in the country. Making it a safe place to travel to during COVID-19.


Lost in a great expanse of deep blue ocean, there lies the Pristine Paradise of Palau. The untouched beauty can only be found in this remote corner of the mighty Pacific. Palau is one of the safest places to travel to due to the low level of COVID-19. The travel restriction isn’t a problem, and the entry requirements are fairly simple! Making it one of the best places to travel to!


Poland is a country located in Central Europe. Travel restrictions aren’t tight, the entry requirements are clear and it’s not hard to go to! It’s also one of the countries categorized by the CDC as a Level 1: COVID-19 Low country. Making it one of the safe places to travel to in Europe! 


The island rises majestically from the azure waters and stretches to the clouds. Saba is untouched by the quickening pace of the modern world. It’s another Level 1: COVID-19 Low country! Making it one of the safe places to go to, and also one of the best places to travel to! 


Taiwan has a culture that is fine and diverse. At each corner, one can find some unique stories and local sentiments to enjoy. Taiwan is one of the countries that has been issued a Level 1 Travel Health notice for low levels of COVID-19. The entry requirements are fairly similar to other countries. 


While most of the world would recommend going against traveling or vacations of any kind due to travel restrictions and the ongoing pandemic, it’s still ultimately your decision and your choice. We value personal liberty and freedom for individuals because traveling is our privilege. This list was curated for those who still want to travel despite the current conditions, but don’t know the best places to travel to during this pandemic. Of course, safety is still the priority, so always remember to exercise caution because we are still under a pandemic.

We’d categorize the best places to travel to as places where the COVID-19 level is low and there are no ongoing or recent terrorism and rampant crime. These countries are safe places to travel to during COVID-19. 

It’s appropriate to mention that most of these destinations make it easier for fully vaccinated individuals to enter. The travel restrictions in place make it harder for unvaccinated individuals. 

Note that COVID-19 risk assessments for each country are subject to change depending on the conditions within the country. It’s best to check on the requirements and travel restrictions of your destination before leaving.