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Multipanel wall art is creating waves in the world of interior design. The days of hanging a single panel painting on a big wall are long gone, yet it still appears unusual. You can fill big rooms with a dramatic impact by using multipanel wall décor. It will undoubtedly make a distinct impact on your house.

Multi-panel canvas may range from 2 to 5 or more panels, depending on how complex the design is. Because it is multi-paneled, it is critical to divide each section perfectly. The business from whom you buy your multi-panel wall art performs all of this sophisticated math for you through user-friendly websites, so you don’t have to do anything. A split hanging mechanism is added, giving it an off-the-wall look, a beautiful drop shadow, and no one knows how it’s hung.

Multi-panel wall art is plentiful, but there’s no art that you could call a technological product. While being self-assured and proud of his artistic ability, he would contribute nothing unique to his customers. You can even try to have a Custom Photo Canvas Print on a multi-panel like a 5 Panel Wall Art. But how do you place them on your wall?

It does seem like a lot of effort, but we are here to teach you exactly how to do this.

The Method in Hanging A Multi-Panel Wall Art

1.  Prepare Essential Materials

First, make a list of the materials you’ll need. You’ll need a tape measure, double-sided tape, a level, and a handy pencil in this instance. You may find these items in your house. If you don’t have them, you can get them in the nearest grocery. When purchasing double-sided tape, ensure that it is thick enough to retain the wall art when it is hung on the wall.

2. Get Accurate Measurements

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You may now determine the print size of the center object after gathering all of the components. It will motivate you to place your wall art in the proper location on the wall. Keep track of the computation and use it as a reference as we go. The proper estimate is critical. Ensure you have the correct number since it will make it easier to mount the wall art later.

The optimum distance between divided canvas panels is still about 2-3 inches. This spacing is adequate to produce a united impression of the whole triptych without creating an excessive gap. However, this does not imply that you should consider the exact distance for the smaller canvas.

3. Stick The Tapes On The Back Panel

Tape the canvas to the back using double-sided tape. Remember to put the tapes on each edge of the wall art to ensure that it adheres to the wall properly. It is essential to use sticky tape to hang the wall décor in this manner. There is no need to use screws or nails on the wall. In this way, you would not do any damage to the wall. You may use these tapes to hang a canvas painting.

4. Mark The Place Of Middle Panel

The height of the building refers to the horizontal or vertical surface of the wall. It also regulates the height of your work and is well-suited to height setting and calculation. Draw a line with a pencil where you want the middle part of your multi-panel wall art canvas to go. And, of course, you draw a line on the sides as well.

5. Hang The Panels 

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Remember to begin hanging the panels with the inner panel pieces. It’s essential to place your multi-panel wall art canvas once that you’ve finished painting on it. Begin by hanging the centerpiece where you drew the line. To ensure that the canvas adheres to the surface, press it firmly. Then proceed to the outer panel sections.

6. Label Pieces Bottom Then Repeat Process

The next step is to weigh the base of the next piece of canvas, which should be four inches below the center canvas. It will serve as a reminder of the things you are about to hang. Measure each side and continue the process until all of the multi-panel wall art canvas is hung on the wall. However, before you begin hanging, you should consider the following locations for your multi-panel wall art.


Multi-panel wall art is a distinctive and adaptable method to show your wall art. Arrange up to nine of your favorite pictures in a beautiful way. Choose a single or several photos to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece.

Many people would agree that multi-panel wall art is ideal for any wall feature in residential and business settings. It adds an exquisite piece of wall décor to your area and allows you to be more creative when selecting your next multi-panel artwork.

There are many ways to incorporate multi-panel wall art décor into your house. You may wish to view some pre-and post-project updates to observe the incredible improvements that multi-panel wall art canvas brings to your space.