Even while fashion jewelry can appear to be as fine as genuine jewelry, there is one glaring flaw: fashion jewelry tarnishes and loses its luster. Fashion jewelry, unlike jewelry with intrinsic worth, rusts and becomes rough with time. That’s the unfortunate truth: no matter how lovely our jewelry is, it will oxidize. Even the highest-quality jewelry takes specific attention to maintain its appearance. Whether you have a little or a massive collection of fine jewelry, it is vital to know how to wear and care for your valuables. Taking good care of your jewelry by storing them properly and regularly cleaning them will help you get the most out of your collection. This article will tackle tips in maintaining the quality and longevity of your jewelry.

When not to wear your jewelry?

Jewelry is fragile. When working with your hands or doing tasks that entail chemicals or abrasives, you must remove your jewelry. So when do you need to take off your jewelry?

  • Swimming

Swimming in a chlorine-treated pool or a saltwater beach that comes into contact with your jewelry can cause damage, affecting the jewelry’s longevity. 

  • Exposing to direct sunlight

Certain materials, particularly natural elements and some polymers, can conduct a chemical reaction and be bleached by the sun.

  • Applying sunscreens or lotions

Lotion can become stuck in the crevices of chains and prongs. Lotions and sprays also leave a film on your jewelry, which makes it dull and dirty.

  • Going in the sand

Abrasion is caused by dirt and tiny rocks. Your jewelry could be destroyed if you don’t clean it right away.

  • Engaging in strenuous activities

Prolonged strenuous activities could cause you to sweat, and if you don’t remove your jewelry before doing so, it might come into contact with your accessories and affect its quality. 

Putting on your jewelry is the least priority.

It’s easy to put on your jewelry when getting ready in the morning or getting ready for a night out. However, it is preferable to put on your jewelry when you are already prepared to go. Make-up, hair products, and perfume can all cause harm to your jewelry. No matter how and what they are made. Think of jewelry as the finishing touch to your ensemble.


Properly segregate the pieces of your jewelry.

Regardless of how careful you are when wearing your jewelry, it can be damaged while being stored. It is because of the components colliding or becoming knotted. Pearls, wood, plastic, valuable metals, and various gemstones are among the most vulnerable materials. The simplest method to handle this problem is to store your belongings wherein they do not touch one another. Consider creating an idea on how to separately store the pieces like making a jewelry tree, cloth pouches, or individually keeping them in jewelry cases. 

Provide storage for your jewelry when traveling.

Regular storage is necessary, but travel storage is even more so. Putting your valuables in a toiletry bag or luggage can be very damaging. You can keep your valuables safe and tangle-free by carrying them in specially designed travel jewelry boxes or jewelry rollers.

Check your jewelry often for damages.

It’s easy for jewelry to become dirty and damaged as you wear and keep it. Always take a good look at a pair of earrings or a necklace before you put them on. Then you can figure out which pieces need to be cleaned or repaired. 

  • Secure the clasps of the jewelry. 
  • Check if the jewelry becomes loose and is starting to wiggle.
  • Check for the luster of the piece, as it might be dull.
  • Check for scratches.
  • Check for tarnishing issues.

Be knowledgeable about the type of jewelry you possess.

Before you clean your jewelry, it’s crucial to acknowledge the materials utilized to create your jewels. Cleaning diamonds or pearl jewelry, for example, requires completely different techniques. Certain types of jewelry should never be soaked in water, while sterling silver necklaces can be restored using specialized mild polishes. Some cleaning agents might not be compatible with all your jewelry and could cause even further damage than it already had. Make sure you look up jewelry cleaning tips that suit the type of jewelry you own.

Provide a kit for all your jewelry care items.

It’s convenient to have all of your jewelry cleaning and repair supplies in one location so you can clean and repair your pieces without having to look for the equipment and materials you need. You can use a little plastic storage container to make a simple jewelry care kit. 

Seek professional help if needed.

Some issues may require solutions beyond your knowledge. Attempting to fix these problems yourself could end with worse results. If you seem to get in trouble on how to resolve the issue, approach a professional jeweler. 

Maintaining the value and beauty of your jewelry necessitates proper maintenance. Everything looks better and lasts longer when you know how to take care of it, from diamond engagement rings to fashion jewelry. Devote some of your time for jewelry maintenance to keep your jewelry collection looking new.